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ACCOMMODATION : Is there a timetable on BHM ?
YES, we offer a busy schedule of your rooms to visitors. This planning manages the availability of your accommodation allocated to the site via real or BHM Ical, API Booking.com, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, Homeway
Prices BHM they are per person or per room ?
Rates are per room BHM (single or double room) per night or rates per person. Depending on the booking conditions, rates include or not breakfast. The price of the breakfast included with the room as the hotel is always shown per person per night, is mentioned separately.
Can I put a video on my institution ?
Yes ,you can insert the link to your YouTube video, Vimeo on your registration form. we recommend short vidos less than a minute
Will my contact information appear on the site ?
Yes, we take all of your information on the site : Phone, fax, mail, address No, for contracts with the commission on bookings 15%
Is the link to my website appears ?
Yes, we take the link to your website No, for contracts with commission 15%
Can I become a fan of my Facebook page by visiting my institution ?
Yes, we take your Facebook Like Box on the page of your business - Page Fan Facebook - TripAdvisor
Can you see my TripAdvisor review page of my institution ?
Yes, we take the widgets & quot; detailed advice" and & quot; your rating" TripAdvisor your page No, for contracts with commission 15%
At what time the property is assessed ?
Notices may be left at any time. Opinions are then validated by BHM. En cas d'avis négatif, we contact you to approach then to.
Then - I do promos ?
Yes, you can do at any time, All specials you want from your extranet. Our sales team is here to attend you if necessary !
ACCOMMODATION : How do I manage my rates and availability ?
You can update your rates and availability at any time through your extranet. It's really easy to do through your extranet - the changes are instantly reflected on your page.
I'm only a small property, I can compete with the biggest ?
Yes, the visibility of a small hotel and even a larger.
How can - I receive payment of the reservation ?
We will send you an email with customer details and information of the reservation. You will confirm availability and payment to customers by return mail. The customer, then you will pay on arrival or departure, according to your policy. The book will be available on your extranet for hotel establishments only.
How long to' advance customers can book by BHM ?
Reservations can be booked up 364 days in' advanced, in tariffs to modification.
In what research I'll appear ?
Our unique mapping system geolocates on relevant searches your home. Once put on the map, you'll stay as long BHM within the duration of your contract.
Who can help me to BHM ?
BHM has a support team dedicated to institutions who will be happy to help with any questions you may have about your membership. Support facility can be reached at +261 34 49 905 79 or by mail to infos@booking-hotel-madagascar.com
How BHM for Hotels ?
BHM is really simple and easy to use. We present your business on our site. For accommodation, you allocate a certain number of rooms to book through us or through your Ical Api. A customer can then book your business , either online, by phone. For other activities, a customer can book your business , either online, either by phone or mail.
Who can help me generate more bookings ?
For any inquiries on additional marketing opportunities for your business, Our team of dedicated business relationships are available to answer all your questions
That updates my establishment on BHM ?
C'est le partenaire qui met à jour sa fiche via son extra-net. However, our technical team will assist you in this mail infos@booking-hotel-madagascar.com under 24H from Monday to Friday from 9am to 17H.
Who updates the extra-net ?
Homeowners are responsible for managing their own content within our extra-net. This includes property description, the rates, specials, notes Room, installations, maps, directions, photos and more ... We assist you if needed for updates.
What if I want to do additional marketing BHM ?
We offer a number of additional marketing opportunities such as Facebook campaign, Newsletter, Coupons, Deals and Offers to bring more customers to your business.
How can - I learn about career opportunities at BHM ?
We are always looking for great people to join BHM. Contact us by mail HERE
How do I join Booking Hotel Madagascar (Bःn) as partner ?
We would really love to have you. Thank you to register as a partner on the site.

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