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Wagner house
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Wagner house

Colline d'Andampy Nosy Be Madagascar

€45 /night
Studio Juste Friendly
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Studio Juste Friendly !

South Mahamasina ,Avenue Andriba, Lot III F 8

€23 /night
Studio DRC
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Studio DRC

6, Rue Rainitovo - Antsahavola

€25 /night
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Auberge Chez Jeanne

Ivato Airport, Antananarivo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

€10 /night

Our Recreation A


Kitsurf & Windsurf

Madagascar, offers an exceptional playground for skiers and snowboarders and thrills. You can practice many water sports including kite surfing and windsurfing, through continuous wind blowing on the coast

Surf & Paddle

Surf & Paddle

The ideal destinations for surfing are really not the same as kitesurfing or windsurfing spots. The reasons are climate and geography, knowing the wind and the relief of the seabed condition swell.



The huge territory of Madagascar with varied landscapes is a land of adventure and an amazing playground for lovers of sports and discoveries. Many routes for trekking are available to you on our fabulous island.



Discover Madagascar seen from the ocean, its ratings, its virgin islands, outstanding marine life and its reserves of more colorful birds all as each other. Cruise of three to eleven days, enjoy d & rsquo; a change of scenery in Madagascar

Raids in Madagascar

4x4, Moto or Quad

En road trip moto, raid terrain a few days or weeks, hiking or quad, go to the discovery of Madagascar. An unforgettable stay awaits you off the beaten paths and tracks of wild Madagascar.

The Diving in Madagascar

Stingrays and turtles

There are many perfect spots for your next diving trip ! The most important being those in the region of Nosy Be that offer high quality dive sites underwater and Sainte-Marie or Nosy Boraha in Madagascar

The Whale Watching


Every year from June to September, Humpback whales migrate off the northeast coast of Madagascar to mate and calve. You will be able to embark in small groups, to observe these impressive mammals.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing

Madagascar has various locations for sport fishing. You are invited to discover the fishing spots that are especially northwest of the island. This will be a very entertaining sport expedition, warranty sensation !


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