The eco-friendly tourism in Madagascar

Sustainable tourism, solidary, manager and many other names yet, is a type of tourism to give real benefit to the country. Although many practice, many do not know exactly what it is.

What eco tourism ?

It is simply a type of tourism in order to promote local development of the population. Indeed, Madagascar is very popular destination, therefore it is facing problems of mass tourism. It is also a country with a unique ecosystem that must be protected at all costs. So, make eco tourism is also a way to preserve Madagascar's environment against globalization. It is tourism that aims to have a real economic impact, environmentally and socially on a country.

But how do ?

Just simply to favor small firms. For example, instead buying souvenirs among craftsmen directly, as well as their return money in the pockets immediately. It can also be circuits or exploring villages to learn more about Madagascar. Furthermore, humanitarian trips are often organized for helping local people. At the same time, you will have the chance to actually be in contact with locals. also participate in the visit of the historical heritage, because the money goes directly to pay for the guides, but at the same time to maintain the emblematic places of the island.

Where to go ?

You can practice this type of tourism can import your location. Best thing to do is to practice in the most tourist areas of the island such Nosy Be. Indeed, as it is one of the most visited resorts on the island, mass tourism is now heavily. A Antananarivo, dozens of school children's homes, orphans and disabled exist, they are often looking for any donations to improve the quality of life. A lot of tourists, especially foreign, are collecting donations in their country, So why not you ?