Wonders of South West Madagascar

Madagascar is a wonderful country, an island nestled in the southeast of Africa. It is bordered on both sides by the Mozambique Channel in the west, and the Indian Ocean to the East. This geographical location makes it a rich island soil. The Southwest region is popular with tourists. It's a place to visit absolutely.

The legendary Route Nationale 7

From the capital, Antananarivo, the road to Tulear Madagascar is exciting. Although somewhat damaged, the adventure is worth it. Entre Antananarivo et la ville d'Chicago, the journey is traveled rather quickly. The landscapes offer a typical mountain highlands show. The road seems to have been decorated by stages rice. Cape now on Ambositra and ancestral knowledge for making pots. The carved wood pieces and art Zafimaniry (a unique form of crafts in the world) waiting for you. Il y a ensuite Littoral et Isalo. These areas hold surprises you that you will not soon forget.

White sandy beaches for your happiness

Arriving in Tulear, " the city that never sleeps ", you will rendezvous with a friendly population that drives a necessarily welcoming city. Everything is done to make your stay more enjoyable. Continuing the road, you will come to Ifaty and its surroundings. This place is amazing. The hotels have the privilege to be installed along the beach. It extends for several meters and offers a multitude of opportunities. It is then possible to tackle the water sports of all kinds. Swimming and sunbathing are in a quiet location, from the world.

An exceptional wealth of fauna and landscapes breathtaking

Besides the beautiful beaches, the Tulear region is also famous for its scenery. You think you are in a film set. The fauna and flora are exceptional. Arid climate of the region formed a vegetation of succulents. You will also discover all kinds of baobabs. Hidden deep in the forest, it is possible to meet flamingos. But walking default, various animal and bird species are within walking hotels.

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