emblematic place d & rsquo; Antananarivo, Analakely has always been a place of meeting of all Malagasy people. The "small forest" includes all the merchants all over the city.

The market Analakely, Traditional exchange place

Located in the center of Antananarivo, Analakely includes everything affects trade. No matter what you want, it is the place of reference. It goes without saying that the reputation of the place did not start yesterday. In the old days, the area was the Zoma Market. Andrianapoinimerina, one of the famous kings of Madagascar, made this location an agora for the Malagasy people, a center for trade zebu (sacred animal and emblematic of Madagascar). Currently, along the Independence Avenue, it is a huge public space. It is embellished with a public garden to the delight of lovers stroll, and adorned with shops and businesses to meet the demands of buyers. We made this a landmark.

The atmosphere Analakely

You are visiting Madagascar, see almost feel of the Malagasy population Analakely. It is a living place. You can easily find refuge in hotels that cluster around. Not eating places lacking. For a taste of Malagasy gastronomy, is Analakely need visit. This area of ​​the city center is lively day. The night, it is even more festive. The Malagasy love night out with friends. Nothing is more natural than to go out and make a trip to the center. Soarano station which was built in 1910, during the colonial period, is a true architectural treasure of Madagascar. Restaurants and shops were built inside. Feel free to take a break at the station to quench your thirst.

Around Analakely, monuments remind the different historical events of Madagascar. Le tombeau du premier Ministre Rainiharo se trouve du côté de la descente d'Antaninarenina vers Isotry. At Lake Anosy, Radama installed a powder keg. Jean Laborde built a summer palace for the Queen who Ranavalona, later, was replaced by Angel Black sculpted by Barberis (1927).

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