The places to discover are not lacking in Madagascar. The Big Island also retains many beautiful sites as each other. For those wishing to spend a quiet holiday in the tropics, why not choose Nosy Boraha ?

The history of Nosy Boraha

Also called St. Mary, Nosy Boraha is located off the east coast of Madagascar. According to legend, a Jewish merchant was there the first came. Ensuite, it was the Portuguese who discovered in the early fifteenth century, one day of the Assumption. They decided to name the island "Santa Maria" and, once francisée, she has become Sainte Marie. Towards 1685, hackers from around the world in the Indian Ocean have made St. Mary their headquarters.

Nosy Boraha also retains a beautiful love story between Queen Betia, fille de Ratsimilaho, and Corporal net, known as La Bigorne. Currently, St. Mary's is considered a jewel of the east coast of Madagascar. Lined sandy, Island lends itself to pure relaxation in the calm and serenity.

Discovering a small tropical island

For pleasant stays, Nosy Boraha is an ideal destination. This little island paradise offers an idyllic landscape. Small fishing villages and pristine beaches along the coast. Each village is characterized by bougainvillea and flamboyant. These flowering trees and shrubs bring beautiful colors and offer visitors and locals a good mood and cheerfulness. Regular rainfall allow the development of a vast tropical garden unrivaled. The cinnamon and clove trees that are planted there perfume Island. coconuts, sign of exoticism, meet this. Some endemic plants like orchids and anthurium flower attracts the curiosity of many tourists.

The surrounding small islands are equally attractive. For a holiday with family or friends, Sainte Marie Island is perfect. Best hotels and bungalows abound in this place to accommodate their residents. They can offer the service of a guide to help you explore the island.