Lemurs are a species of ape, most of which can not be met anywhere else in Madagascar. They can be seen throughout the Big Island whether in the nature reserves, in national parks or just in their natural habitat, rainforest. Features of the Malagasy fauna, these highly intelligent nature of primate will animate your forest walks.

Sociable and funny animals

Lemurs are very sociable animals. Indeed, they have a pseudo-intellectual capacity and humans do not fear them. If we talk only of sifaka, this species is very comfortable with humans. Attracted by the fruits or sweets you offer him, it comes to rest on your shoulders without hesitation. The shiny objects also attract. If it is on you, have fun with it, while teasing you. The sifaka is also called the dancer lemur. This is due to its way of moving hopping with his two hind legs. It offers a really fun show.

In general, lemurs live in trees. They feed on fruit, leaves and animal larvae. Sadly, due to the deterioration of the Malagasy rainforest, some species are endangered.

The different species

Currently, more than 100 lemur species are counted throughout Madagascar and the discovery of new species continues. Each animal has specific characteristics. If some crepuscular animals remained night, those of larger sizes have adopted a diurnal life. The aye-aye is one of the most famous nocturnal species. Solitaire, it is regarded as a strange creature, because its appearance reflects the mixture of several animals. Indeed, it looks like a big cat. However, his head is similar to a ferret and ears turn on themselves.

The indri is the largest of the primates of Madagascar. It is distinguished by its black and white coat and known for his sinister cry. Lemurs are indeed very noisy animals. The lemurs are the smallest primates never met. They are very present in many tropical forests in Madagascar. Night kind, they are very active.