The sesika is a pork based preparation which also uses fatty liver, or goose liver, in addition to the poultry blood. Once prepared, it looks like a sausage. Discover the recipe !

As the Malagasy tradition that we feed her extended family, The following recipe is for a dozen or fifteen people.


Among the following ingredients, some are typical of Madagascar. The kobam-bary is such a kind of well Malagasy rice flour found in shops. The petsay some call "pechay" is a kind of brède broadleaf, same as Chinese cabbage. You'll need to :

• 1 kg of kobam bars
• 200 g flour
• 500 g pork failure
• 500 g lard
• 150 g raw fatty liver (optional)
• A goose
• 1 large bouquet of petsay
• From green pepper
• Garlic
• Ginger
• From chives
• 1 or 2 carrot(s)
• cells

The necessary equipment is clingfilm.


Cooking time : 45 minutes
Kill the goose, collect blood for it in a bowl, the ideal would be to have half a liter.
Hollow out poultry and clean. Collect offal, including the liver, while the remainder, you will put it aside for another use.
Take a pan, pour water and heat. Do spend sheets petsay without them losing their beautiful green color. Drain. Keep the hot water from the pan.
Cut the bacon and diced pork outage. Take care to remove the fibers.
Mix flour, le kobam-Bery, the goose blood, giblets, a little bacon, some pork down, green pepper and chives. Pour in a little warm water to the pan and mix to obtain a paste. Salt to taste.
Deploy the cling film on the clean work surface. Spread sheets petsay above, then paste (in the form of dough) you have mixed with foie gras (if you wish it).
Roll paper film sheets petsay so as to have the dough inside. Put it all together.
In a pot, made jump leftover bacon and pork down. Sauté carrots. Then drop the pudding. Pour in a little water as if you cook rice.
After being cooked, your sesika will be quite firm, similar to a sausage. Serve hot !