Madagascar is crammed with hotels of all kinds. Antananarivo, its capital, is the birthplace of hosting complex. participating hotel, located at 300 meters from the national bus station, awaits you with its rooms and insured benefits.

participating hotel, a boutique hotel

Anjara hotel or Anjara Antananarivo welcomes you with its 30 Standard rooms all kind of comfort, doubles, twin, singles and families. They are well-equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioners. The rooms are the very picture of their performance.
From the location point of view, if you think a tour of the island on road, Anjara the hotel is close to the national bus station. It is convenient.
For your stay in this hotel service 3 stars, enjoy the Malagasy gastronomy. If you like European or Chinese cuisine, is the offer to the map. It is made of local products. Freshness and discovery come together on your plate. Seafood, typical fish Madagascar, soup and gourmet dishes, everything is there.

Benefits and services according to your expectations

Its strategic location and comfortable rooms will satisfy you spontaneously. It may be placed in the middle of the city, but the peace and tranquility prevailing there you disorient. This is a good place to rest after long trips. Located near a craft market, the hotel offers a magnificent view of the city of Antananarivo. Anjara hotel can be a solution for a stay in the capital. If you are traveling to a seminar or a business trip, or in transit to a coastal destination. The hotel will welcome you. The staff is attentive to your needs.

Supports customizable load

To your request, you can enjoy services other than usual. Arrange your airport-hotel transit is an option. The staff are there for your well-being and satisfaction. For a meal served in your room or for additional information on the Big Island. This can go up to grant you a particular driver for a tour of the capital safely. If you desire it, it supports your transfer to the bus station. For a warm welcome, trust the hotel Anjara

Phone(s) : +261 20 22 550 98 – +261 34 54 833 02 – +261 33 02 053 79