Dreaming of an exotic holiday destination ? Madagascar is a fascinating country. Untouched by mass tourism, this island holds wonderful places and almost unexplored. Consult the map to discover the best places to visit.

Le Parc National de Ranomafana : a perfectly preserved forest

For fans of eco-friendly travel, national parks abound in Madagascar. One of the most popular is that of Ranomafana. On Madagascar map, it is located in the southeast of the island and is accessible by following the N7 leaving the capital, like to join Fianarantsoa, mais après avoir passé par Ambohimahasoa, you will turn off to the left to reach the RN25. You will then arrive in Ranomafana. The city is set on a huge part of Malagasy land. It represents one of the last vestiges of the old lush forest of the East. It is possible to encounter many species of amazing animals throughout your visit. The most famous is the golden bamboo lemur. It is also the most threatened species.

The Tsingy of Bemaraha and its forest of limestone

In the western part of Madagascar, this site is World Heritage of UNESCO since 1990. This place is unique in the world. The erosion and climatic hazards have carved limestone rocks. They then passed amazing forms, as peaks that want to touch the sky. The Tsingy are in the area about Melaky 300 from the capital, Antananarivo. The journey will lead you to this splendor made as part of the adventure. The landscapes you will discover there, the hollow limestone formations, promise to be stunning.

Isalo and its majestic mountainous forms

Along the N7 leads to Tulear, Isalo is a place not to miss. We are this time in the south of the island. The Isalo is a protected area that houses an exceptionally rich. A lush forest is available for tourists to visit. It contains plants typical of the region, and several species of endemic animals. Flowers like orchids line the paths by which you'll pass. For the more adventurous, it will climb a cliff to see a natural pool almost hidden. There is also the circuit that leads to the Queen. It is a natural rock formation that takes the form of the head of a Queen with her crown. This site is very popular to have an overview of the surrounding landscape.