A small roadtrip starting Antsirabe towards western Madagascar, Following the national road 34 will do you only good. You can easily browse a flat paved road almost straight, no frills. After a few more 200 kilometers, you reach Miandrivazo, the door in the region of Menabe.

Miandrivazo is a town in west-central Madagascar. It is watered by the Tsiribihina. Its main feature, is that at dawn, you see smoke rising to the sky, proof that the city is alive. It raises cattle. Are grown tobacco being evacuated by air to Belo-sur-Tsiribihina. Cotton cultivation is also part of the inhabitants of the activities.

Miandrivazo really worth a detour, because it does not unattractiveness. Falls Mahajilo characterize the landscape. This is a good place for walks. Just arrange a trip by going a little to the east, à 4 km from the city. If you are accompanied by a guide, it will surely tell the historical significance of "Miandrivazo".

This goes back to the time of King Radama I. When the sovereign returns from its Southwest conquests, He sends a messenger to look for a princess Malaimbandy. Meditating on the hill nearby while waiting for his devoted and His Messenger, passersby greet him and questioned her anxiously. His answer is : «I'm waiting for vazo. "This simply translates : "I expect a wife". Indeed, the wife is the princess Rasalimo. The name of the city was so drawn to this story.

Comfortable hotels await you at the scene. You will want to book on the Internet for holiday period, because tourists like to have a good time in such a quiet place, away from the hubbub of the city. Miandrivazo is really a quiet place. During your stay, you certainly will experience a perfect homecoming (primitives), because even electricity fail you at times, turning shedding requires. In short, like any common, Miandrivazo still has its ups and downs, admittedly.