The bands Lodge

On the Tropic of Capricorn, mangrove extend over a wide area. Euphorbia is an almost impenetrable forest. It is in this exceptional setting that moved the Schachenmann-Razafimanga family. Focus on their hotel adopting an eco-lodge spirit.

An eco-lodge particularly welcoming

It is in an eco-responsible approach and special attention to the preservation of nature that the lodge was built. He even takes on the name of a plant, the famata which is very present in this area of ​​the island. The owners have put their heart in order to live their passion and forward as.
By entering, are immersed immediately in an almost unique place. Constructions blend perfectly with the natural scenery, they seem to fit together and be part of nature itself. For nature lovers, this is the best place to discover the wonders of southwestern Madagascar.

Atypical housing

Built with natural materials and coming around the hotel, the bungalows have a different singularity. There is something for every taste. They provide clients 8 various bungalows. They were baptized : Gondwana, Africa, Loft, Tree-tops, Water-dear, Hemingway, Bush Home and Home vezo. All as spectacular as each other, these homes provide all of full comfort.
For exemple, we cite housing “Eau là là”, it is located right on the lagoon Namakia. With a terrace, it is a quiet oasis that seems to float on the water. For more information on other bungalows, visit the hotel website.

Tasty dishes

The eco-lodge combines perfectly the Malagasy and Swiss culture to reach a harmonious blend. And it shows especially through the a la carte restaurant. It is impossible not to fall into ecstasy with these delicious dishes. Restaurant, more, offers panoramic views of the sea and mangroves.
The most surprising is that almost everything is homemade. The kitchen uses only fresh produce, seasonal and local. To enjoy, book now on the site Booking Hotel Madagascar.