If you program a journey of discovery in southern Madagascar, Tulear prefer to stay a few days. Located a few 1000 km south of the capital, Antananarivo, the city promises a holiday full of groundbreaking discoveries.


</p> <the> <li>Pays: Madagascar</li> <li>City: Tulear</li> <li>Local hour: +1H</li> <li>Change: the</li> <li>Language: Français & Malagasy</li> </the> <p><strong>Tourist Tulear: Address: Ankilisoafilira - 601 Toliara</strong></p> <the> <li>Tel : 034 74 459 19</li> <li>Email: rfran6@gmail.com</li> <li>Site : www.tulear-tourisme.com</li> </the> <p>

To discover

The octopus tree, the symbol of Tulear

A stay in Tulear will inevitably discover the famous octopus tree that is present throughout its territory. This is a kind of cactus that is vegetation in the dry forests of the Big Island. A souvenir photo will immortalize your albums and talking, later to your surroundings. The guides and residents of Tulear not also sure to make you discover the history of the sacred forest that lies a few kilometers from the city, in the village of Banyan Miary. The site is distinguished by the presence of a large tree that, according to legend, would have pushed on the grave of a young girl. The latter would have been a sacrifice to prevent the river from entering flood. As for waterways, it is full of many beautiful aquatic species will also be subjects of unpublished photos to your album.

Discovering the country's heritage

Tulear has sites that contain different riches of the Big Island. The Maritime Museum is open to the public to discover the many fishery resources offered by the sea in the region. For the art of the country, and especially that of the Vezo region, the Museum of Arts and Traditions of the South of Madagascar is accessible to tourists from around the world. It contains multiple art designed by the Mahafaly and Sakalava peoples. The small shellfish market is also a destination for opportunity to discover crafts of the region. As for the floral wealth of the region, they are represented in Tsinjoriake Park and Arboretum Antsokay. Most plant species are exposed are endemic to Madagascar. well done, Toliara is a destination not to be missed while traveling in southern Madagascar.

Beach and relaxation

But certainly mean the holiday relaxing at the beach and swimming. Tulear offers privileges to its fine sandy beach and turquoise water. Offshore sea, it is pleasant to discover the colors of the canoes of local fishermen. Upon docking, fish and other fresh seafood will be delivered immediately to the city eateries to ensure preparedness.

To visit

Whales in Anakao

anakao, Madagascar

See whales in Anakao, it's possible ! Usually, one must choose the island Sainte-Marie, east of Madagascar to see (in August and September). But they also go off Anakao, in the South West of the island. A boat trip can be negotiated directly with restaurant present on the beach.

Excursion with Vezo

anakao, Madagascar

If you have the time, if you are on the south coast of Madagascar, choose from along the coast with Vezo. Their boats are modest, but very swift. The experience with these outstanding sailors is unique. For more security, choose to take on board a dhow (à Morondava).



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