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It's in 1830 that was built in 400 km from Antananarivo Fianarantsoa. With rolling hills and small lake, Fianarantsoa seems to be a replica of the capital. Translate in French, the name means Fianarantsoa where they teach well. If you spend time in the city, please visit its numerous major tourist sites.

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Every nook and cranny of Fianar have their own history. Y for a walk will let you know the different cultures while enjoying beautiful scenery. Anatirova has always been the center of the city where the Rova Betsileo was located. ÉgalementappeléIvonava, This area offers an incredible panorama of the city and its surroundings. If you go through the neighborhood Tsianolondroa, Note that this place is the place where was built a shelter appeal to you for the last queen of Madagascar, Ranavalona III pendant ses visite à Fianar. Par ailleurs, the beautiful cathedral of Ambozontany is a cultural attraction that should not to be missed. Dated of 1871, it is an ancient monument reflects ancient architecture t holds precious memories. From the top of this neighborhood, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake Anosy.

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Lower Tanana et ses attractions
At the foot of the hill lies the "Tanana Ambany". The lower town, she, is a commercial area dotted with shops of all types. Malagasy stores and shops, Chinese and Indian, educational institutions, and libraries are grouped in the area. This place also offers the opportunity to see the famous terraced rice cultivation technique. Par ailleurs, the railway linking Fianar Manakara desserve city.

Indeed, being the opening of a railway that leads to the east coast and draining a rich agricultural area, Fianaransua now a little industry. It is also renowned for its handicrafts of beach towels and basketry. In addition, City Fianar is the first producer of wine throughout the island and is famous for the high quality of its wine. The most famous wines produced in the region are the famous "Lazan'i Betsileo", «Côtes de Fianar», "Coteaux Ambalavao", "Castle orchard", or "Clos Malaza". IF you plan to spend your holidays in the region, it will not be difficult to find a hotel Fianarantsoa.

Visit the Ranomafana National Park
Created in 1991, as indicated by his name, Ranomafana National Park means "hot water". Celieu is indeed a natural hot spring. This water is known to have many virtues to cure certain ailments and some rheumatic diseases. Lying in the valley Namorona, the park is approximately 41 000 hectares. Characterized by mountains dotted with dense forests, visiting the park you will discover wonderful endemic fauna and flora. Par ailleurs, you are advised to make reservations for hotels Fianarantsoa before you go there to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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