In order to limit negative impacts related to tourism, many structures of accommodation have been built in harmony with the surrounding nature. Called 'ecolodge '., These hotels are committed to providing a place of tourist reception in good standing with ecology.

At a time when the trend leans toward a return to nature, 'ecolodge' says hotels are part of a movement of responsible tourism that meets some principles : the preservation of flora and wildlife, focus on local economy, advocate renewable energy, think first about the well-being of the local population and introduce customers to responsible tourism. If the concept is fairly new, Madagascar adopted him pretty quickly and consider before all its important ecological interest.

Popular with tourists lovers of nature, the ecolodges are usually located in the heart of a wild nature and designed in order not to unbalance the biodiversity. The Eden Lodge in Nosy Be is the perfect example of the values of ecotourism. First luxury hotel in the world to operate entirely on solar energy, its luxurious bungalows are located in the middle of nature at the edge of a white sand beach, without road or car that might disrupt the delicate balance of the surrounding ecosystem. Offering comfort and relaxation in the heart of a heavenly nature, the ecolodge is the alliance between technology and nature.

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