When the baobab grows in Madagascar ...

... The tree flourishes. Comfortable home, he is proud to represent Madagascar's flora. Six species of eight are endemic to Madagascar. In the West, more than a dozen of baobab trees are a very original forest crossed by an alley : the famous Baobab Alley. This attraction of talk, both in the books in movies. Located about twenty kilometers from Morondava, the place is the pride of the economic and administrative capital of Menabe.

An impressive tree

Up and huge, this ecological gem can reach a height of 30 m and a diameter of 9 m. Some specimens are astonishing pace. Enjoy this duo baobabs which are one. Consisting of two intertwined trunks, it is called "the love baobab". To see it up close, simply make a trip to Mangily, further south of Morondava. You will discover near this village in the province of Tulear. This legendary tree would bring luck to lovers who come to unite with his foot. That's not all, the couple united at the foot of the colossus could separate anywhere else !
Baobab de Madagascar (2)

A revered tree

decidedly, the Reniala is sacred, venerated. "Reniala" is the name that people give this old tree, which means the mother of the forest. This nature sanctuary is a real water reserve. This is why it tolerates drought in southern Madagascar. His nickname bottle tree is probably not the result of chance !
In addition to the Southwest of the Big Island, Northwestern also sees growing baobabs. The great Andasonia digitata planted in the heart of the city of Mahajanga has all his honors. He planted long ago by the Arabs from the Persian Gulf and Antalaotse, from the country, this tree 10 meters high and 21,70 meters in circumference is sacred Natural Heritage. Once inaugurated by Boeny Tourist Office and the urban commune of Mahajanga, the "Bouyé be", as called them Antalaotse, is now the symbol of the city.
Baobab de Madagascar (3)

The different species of baobab, to know :

• The typed andasonia
• L’andasonia madagascarensis
• L'andasonia suarezensis
• The andasonia gradidieri
• L’andasonia rubrostipa
• The andasonia perrieri
• L’andasonia gibossa
• L’andasonia za
... are represented all over the island especially in its protected areas like Kirindy Mitea National Park south of Morondava, the Ankarafantsika park 114 km southeast of Mahajanga, and the nature reserve of little known Vohibisa.
The baobab is surrounded by legends. Malagasy and African stories are just as captivating, as each other.

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