Moonlight Hotel | In general, a trip to Madagascar in Antananarivo starts because you land at the airport on the outskirts of Ivato.

To recover from the fatigue caused by jet lag and prepare to explore the riches of the Big Island, why not enjoy the comfort of hotels Antananarivo ?
top 10 Hotels Tana changes from day to day due to tough competition. Nothing is absolute as each host institution of the capital did their best to provide the best guest. It is precisely the highlight of hotels in Antananarivo. Madagascar Moonlight Hotel is therefore one of the top top.
On the heights of Ambondrona, Moonlight Hotel is asked. As you are hosting, you can make savings largely because it has a very affordable price. Services are nevertheless very satisfactory. The booking is recommended.
Its location in the heart of Tana is ideal. On one of its rooms, you can have an overview of the city. If you want to get around the side of the Town Hall, 10 minutes to get there. Do not forget to take some pictures in front of this hotel to the old architecture souvenir of your visit ! It stands out for its authenticity.
Enjoy the loyal service of the Moonlight Hotel staff !You have wifi in your room. The employees are nice and helpful. You can quietly take your breakfast on the terrace. This boutique hotel is well kept and secure, you have no fear to stay.