The city of Ambanja, located northwest of Madagascar, is one of the greenest parts of the island. The exuberance of the vegetation is striking. The climate, Sambirano topography and river make it an ideal location for agriculture. The population is predominantly rural. Its main sources of income are cash crops. Added to the natural resource wealth. Ambanja is a favorable place for agro-tourism and eco-tourism.

Previously simple stopover for those who want to join in Diego Suarez, today, this fertile agricultural area begins to interest visitors. A walk in the plantations in times of high heat would be good. You will take the time to admire the vast cultures and varied landscapes.

Cocoa Madagascar is one of the best in the world. Much comes from Ambanja. The varieties Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario is renowned in the region. They occupy the 21% of its arable land. These are the raw materials of the famous chocolate from Madagascar. Tourists love to stroll along roads lined with cocoa as the leading towards Ankify. Do you know that the production is estimated to Madagascar 6 000 tons per year, is 0,12% of world production ?

Madagascar is also known by his Arabica coffee. Ambanja also planting lots of this variety. The spice plants, among others vanilla, peppers, basilisks or pink berries also exist in Ambanja. As Madagascar is the largest exporter of vanilla, Ambanja that is popular worldwide. There is also cashews.

The perfume plants such as ylang ylang, vetiver and patchouli also take an important place in the export of the region cash crops. Largest producer of ylang-ylang, Ambanja has a large tract of land planting this plant species. All this does not he deserves exploration ?