Such climatic conditions benefit the people of these water activities. For our part, We had a pleasant stay, very informative.

Before landing at Diego-Suarez, we have followed kitesurfing courses in the Philippines. This is the time to apply what we learned while enjoying the magic of the place. We choose Sakalava Lodge to host us. Moreover, the hotel rents kite equipment. We meet Rémi, runner-discipline in Madagascar. It teaches us to stand up, then back to the wind. Through his teaching, we can do return of the transparent sea waters of the Bay of Sakalava.

At the end of the day, we take a walk between the mangroves that form the border between the Bay of Sakalava and other berries. When the wind calms, we enjoy to ride around Stand Up Paddle. We stop on a hidden terrain elevation in the green and, standing, we stand to appreciate the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

The intensive course given by Rémi in Sakalava Lodge allowed us to face the Emerald Sea. The turquoise water of extension located one hour and a half by boat Antsiranana is rougher. his bank, wilder, abrite Babaomby Island Lodge. Instead bungalows, tents welcome you for the night. Campers are entitled to a shared toilet. The Ecolodge uses solar energy. It is the appointment of experienced amateurs Sliding and professionals. Quality equipment is rented you and instructors are at your service.

So we are ready to face the high waves under strong wind. The course is unlimited but we overcame our fear from our first downwind. It's enough to proficiently kitesurfing ...