Anxious to offer high comfort to passengers with reduced mobility, many cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruises has paid special attention to the development of their ships, the implementation of a personalized service tailored to their needs and shore excursions just as exceptional.

Cruise for disabled persons in care of Costa Cruises
A physical disability should not be an obstacle for those who want to explore new horizons time a cruise. Whether for a trip Caribbean cruises or in other destination, the desire to offer a first class comfort for all passengers in premium Costa Cruises. The company has made various adjustments to its ships, especially for people with reduced mobility. The company has paid special attention to the accommodation and access to its cabins. Whether embarking or disembarking, they are highest priority. In case of emergency, cruise ships are equipped with a special lift.

To shore stops, Costa Cruises has also tailored its tours to match the needs of the disabled. If coach transfer, they will nevertheless have a folding wheelchair that easily will rank in the vehicle cargo. To transfer to a hotel, the company is also partnering with institutions with the necessary infrastructure can accommodate the disabled. To access a personalized service including among others qualified personnel and the organization of transport during the cruises with Costa Cruises, However, it should be noted the fact, at the time of booking.

A cruise of choice for disabled people in ships of Royal Caribbean
Like people with disabilities embarking on ships of Costa Cruises, those traveling with Royal Caribbean are also surrounded by special care, And this, from boarding. They will have additional support at this stage of the cruise and embark priority. It's the same for landing operations. Transfer to the vessel is also provided by a vehicle having a ramp.

likewise, the development of each vessel has been specially designed to allow persons moving in a wheelchair to go and easily come from a bridge to another. Indeed, they are equipped with automatic doors. In addition, All Public areas are served by ramps. A classic pool and another hydromassage feature on board all ships of the company. For people with reduced mobility can enjoy the joys of swimming, they are accessible via a lift. Those who wish a pleasant change can take a ride to the casino. Blackjack tables are arranged at a reasonable height. Motorized wheelchairs are available for maximum comfort.