Covering more 70 000 He has, Loky Manambato protected area north of Madagascar in SAVA region, harbors incredible biodiversity with grazing the level of endemism 84%. A famous example of the lemur golden crown propithèque (Propithecus tattersalli), a rare and endemic to the Big Island.
In this camp, we recense 1 273 plant species, 74 reptiles and at least 11 species of lemur. By visiting this somewhat remote park, you dive in a nature preserve, in contact with the local population.

The Loky Manambato protected area is accessible from Daraina, à 53 km from Vohemar. The whole area is managed by the Association Fanamby. To accompany tourists in the park, it offers tourist guides, 5 tents with private bathroom, to spend the night there.

The FANAMBY association's primary mission of preserving natural resources by involving local communities, in any sustainable management process. In July 2017, she inaugurated a training center and fishing information for the village of Ambavarano in New Protected Area Loky Manambato.

This structure, local fisherman holding a fishing license can sell at a better price their products on the market of Diego. This will encourage greater respect for the environment and maintain the fishing pressure to a reasonable level.