A boost for tourism development. The short stay visa fees, non-convertible, are revised downward for this year 2017. The government has decided to reduce tariffs between 4 euros 8 euros. Thus the visa for a stay of 0 à 30 days is accessible 27 against euro 31 euros in 2016. For the living 31 à 60 days, the visa fee is 33 against euro 39 euros. This rate is now 46 against euro 54 euros for a visa 61 à 90 days. The types of visas concerned by this measure are the tourist visa (can also be obtained on arrival at the airport), business visa, the mission visa and the visa lower three-month internship. An increase in the number of tourists in Madagascar is one of the expected consequences.

Other measures such as the application of an affinity marketing strategy and participation in international events are also in place. For exemple, Madagascar Tourist Office National (ONTM), currently involved in 34 th 2017 the Green Honey Festival in Reunion, in the town of Tampon, Plaine-des-Cafres.

Source : http://www.dggfpe.mg/index.php/2017/01/12/tourisme-frais-de-visas-courts-sejours-a-baisse/