Arriving at Antananarivo by air or by preparing to leave Madagascar, tourists and travelers wishing to spend at least one night at a nearby hotel Ivato International Airport are not uncommon.

A hotel near Ivato airport, Why ?

Several reasons lead travelers to find a place to stay near Ivato airport. The main one is the presence of the passenger required by the airport at least two hours before departure for those who leave the scene, and this often happens very early, at dawn, even during the night, depending on the flight. For those arriving in Tana, fatigue caused by jet lag prevents the traveler from thinking too much as a result of its program, and the easy solution is to be hosted in a good hotel near the airport.

competition forces

Hotels located near the Tana International Airport are many. Thereby, they compete attractions by offering the best services and doing everything to attract customers. To each its strengths. Some institutions play on the price / quality ratio, others on the proposal for a shuttle to transport the passenger from the airport to the hotel, and pass through the.

The charm of staying in a hotel near Ivato Airport

Each hotel has its specific characteristics: the culinary, Room and proposed activities. There is a part of the luxury hotels, with over 3 stars. Comfort and luxury are there. And on the other hand, Hotels within 3 stars are not to ignore, because each person has their purchasing power. They also offer quality services to customers will. Included is the majority one or two double beds with private bathroom, s & rsquo; hot water, a TV set with or without channel, mini living room, minibars and sometimes WiFi. Around Ivato, discover some hotels offering quality services, namely the Auberge Chez Jeanne, A&C Hotel SPA, Petite Flower Guest House, etc.