The Big Island is a gem full of unique wonders world. Among these wonders, include vanilla. This rarity is good in Madagascar which is now the largest producer. Cultivated over an area of ​​nearly 300 000 hectares of plantations throughout the country, it is mainly localized in the region of SAVA. Vanilla also occupies a part of the local economy. Most of the products exported from Madagascar are tons of vanilla. Many foreigners come for this product on the fertile lands of the Big Island that Booking Hôtel Madagascar is pleased to present.

Exploring vanilla from Madagascar

Many fans want to discover the mysteries of the Malagasy vanilla. Booking Madagascar proposes circuits while on the road of vanilla. Book 4 in raids×4 to visit the vanilla plantations in northern Madagascar. It will be a gastronomic adventure that takes you into the world of vanilla. This will also be the opportunity to taste dishes made with this product. Par ailleurs, in Madagascar, it is possible to make your own flavored rum with vanilla pod freshly picked.

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