This year 2019, more than all the years that have followed, Nosy Be not pass unnoticed in the eyes of tourists and travelers, local or foreign. In this context, seen in a smaller angle, Le Grand Bleu, located Andilana, of talk.

The 20 Birthday candles Hotel Le Grand Bleu

In a media, The Big Blue redoubled dynamism. It's normal, car ecolodge is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. As much enjoy special gourmet menus concocted occasionally by great chefs. The animations and attractive prices offered by the hotel are also enjoying, because the 20 years ofso friendly hotel Le Grand Bleu is celebrated not once in his life. Already, one of the most grandiose program was conducted during the Easter weekend. Easter Sunday jazz concerts have delighted the beautiful world that was present.

Nosy Be Jazz Festival during Easter weekend

Nosy Be Jazz Festival a fait un grand show. The event marked the Easter weekend. It also allowed to talk more about Le Grand Bleu, especially during the barbecue-jazz evening that there was organized to bring together all festival. It was attended, the French group Gaël Horellou, the Brazilian group Edmundo Carneiro, especially Aina Cook Trio came straight US.

The lovely ladies at the rendezvous

What misses spent at Le Grand Bleu ! There was an eyeful. The passage of the newly elected Miss Madagascar and other beautiful ladies embellished the frame. Those who wanted to meet Valerie Binguira to address a few words were surely satisfied ! In a place like Le Grand Bleu, encounters happen quite differently.

In summary, fashion show, music, gastronomy and culture have formed a nice quartet to Le Grand Bleu to a media, and of course, all this pleases all the senses. Travelers and tourists have certainly spent Easter weekend so animated the Big Blue, Nosy-Be, blessed with the sunshine !