Everyone can now benefit from all the features of the new site Booking Hotel Madagascar. A big thank you to all our partners, loyal users and the readers for your contribution to the improvement and finalization of the new version of BHM. your visits, your comments and appreciations were very helpful and encouraged to achieve the objective.

A welcome message to new partners of the new site BHM

Newsite.booking-hotel-madagascar.com New partners are welcome. You will find everything you need for discover Madagascar. The information is current and relevant. Certainly, Island Red may well have its flaws, but still has several assets. Some are developed on BHM new version. Looking for a place to stay ? Want to know a little more special place ? You plan to plan your trip to Madagascar ? Prefer to inquire news of the Big Island before you organize your stay ? The answer to all these questions lies in the new site Booking Hotel Madagascar. We will introduce you to the best providers. And even if you want to create your customized journey, you will find the necessary information to do so. Different filters will help you in your advanced searches.
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Booking Vita Malagasy tends toward the opening

First of all, Mobility is no longer a constraint for visitors to Madagascar Hotel Booking. The site will follow you everywhere. Moreover, BHM is now more than a site. It is a compendium of tools. In addition to mobile applications that have already been built a long time on the site, it also supports iCal Sync for fans of Apple and Google Calendar for others. These are useful synchronizers in the planning management of hotels. They are accompanied by the addition of external link function. Their use opens the way for other international sites like booking.com, airbnb.com, HomeAway and viator.com.