Madagascar is one of Indian Ocean jewels. Its biodiversity is very diverse. In the image of the endemic fauna, you will encounter butterflies, lemurs, amphibians, humpback whales, chameleons, turtles. Its exotic flora (the Rhizophoracées, the Baobabs ...) stirs up lust scientists. Moreover, Red Island remains a key destination for all travelers.

Par ailleurs, its cultural richness is its true source of knowledge. in short, Madagascar is a country to discover. Whether for a business trip or for a simple courtesy call, a rental car is always paramount. We recommend you to rent 4×4 in Madagascar.

For the comfort throughout the stay

Indeed, same in all countries where tourism reigns supreme, the ideal is to rent a car. For a guided tour of the Big Island, you can enjoy the scenery while having the comfort.

• The advantage of 4×4
Due to the vagaries of infrastructure in Madagascar, Only an ATV can make their way on twisty secondary roads. During the high season, rainfall is abundant. Tourist areas such as Morondava, Belo sur Tsiribihina, Ambatondrazaka, Miandrivazo and Fort Dauphin are victims of climatic hazards.

With 4×4, rain will not reach you. However, you can stay dry with 4×4. With this mechanical marvel, the rain did not reach you. You can contemplate the gifts of Mother Nature.

Also, if your project is synonymous with a business trip, you can move easily, and especially at the hour. Even if you cross the most troubled locations, even dangerous, you will be safe. This racing car has some electronic stability.

How and where to rent a 4×4 in Madagascar?

It's simple ladies and gentlemen. Head to When you are on the website, you will see on the home page under "Auto". You will fall on an information sheet. You can do an advanced search vehicles. You have a wide choice. So, feel free to contact us and visit Booking Hotel Madagascar.