It is impossible to talk about without talking Madagascar lemur. The two are inseparable. A trip to Madagascar can admire this wonderful wildlife.

The island is home to red 32 lemur species, all endemic. Many researchers and tourists from around the world come to admire this primate. Know indeed that lemurs only exist in Madagascar, from some individuals exposed in zoos abroad.

Among the smaller, lemurs are the size of a mouse. The largest is the Indri. The best known is the maki or lemur catta with its striated black ringed tail white or striped black white, like you want. The aye-aye is shot without hesitation by the indigenous population who thinks that this strange creature unlucky him. There is also the sifaka Verreaux known as the funny name of dancing lemur. This species walking indeed with both hind legs.

These mammals are arboreal herbivorous and : the fruits, leaves, flowers, stems and buds are their favorite meal. Some species like the aye-aye feed on insects. Day or night, solitary or in groups, lemurs colonize various parts of the island, ranging from rain forests of the north to the dense dry forests of the southern.

Without its lemurs, Madagascar is no longer Madagascar. Although no natural predator, most of them are in danger of extinction. The main threat is unfortunately man. Wildfires, clearing and forest exploitation are destroying their natural habitat. Added to hunting.