Nosy Be, you know it, is surrounded by small islands. Nosy Iranja is furthest. She is so far she seems lost. It looks like, only, sea ​​turtles find refuge. But no, it is one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists ! Follow what happens during the journey to this destination !

First of all, you can only access by boat. If you embark on a motorboat, planning a hour and half to the path. In more specific, count 27 nautical miles to get there. If you go there for the first time, you believe come to the view of the Bay of Russians, but you are wrong ! After an hour crossing, you will say in your heart that Nosy Iranja should be more than beautiful to assert such a sentence to be discovered. Fifteen minutes after, you will see and you will begin to say that these two pieces of land have attractive air. Finally, for docking, you exclaim you for sure that the trip was well worth it and you would have had to take more luggage with you.

So you're dealing with a small archipelago because it is in truth a pair of islands : Iranja Kely ou petite Iranja, Iranja Be and Iranja or large. Both islands are separated by a sand bench of a length varying between one and two kilometers depending on the tide. While submerged in high tide, Iranja Kely houses a hotel. Iranja Be, she, is a fishing village where you can enjoy a delicious seafood cocktail.