Want to see for yourself the Alley of baobabs? The concern is that you do not know where to sleep once you arrive on site? well, imagine that you fell in the right place! In the few following lines, we will talk about three of Hotel Morondava. Come pay a visit at the famous hotels.

Morondava beach : a beautiful sea view

Whether traveling alone or with family, Morondava beach will always have a room that suits you. For only ten euros, or a little more, you will be able to enjoy the air conditioning, a charming garden, secure parking, you WIFI, but also, and especially, a beautiful sea view. You will not even have to worry about where you will eat, the hotel has an indoor restaurant. For smaller budgets, and for everyone besides, it's a bargain not to be missed. So we give appointment in Nosy Kely, betania the route ...

Olympe you Bemaraha : a house that bears his name

Want to have fun in the pool without the polluted air of the city? Go and have a look at Olympus Bemaraha in Morondava. Cis Bekopaka Morondava, this property is certainly one of the leading specialists for accommodation around. To refresh, since there is very hot, the house offers drinks you can consume in your room, or why not, the inner bar? Of course, wifi and the restaurant also come with the lot, car, lest we forget, we are on Mount Olympus ...

The Relay Kirindy : for lack nothing

To be sure not to miss anything during your stay in Morondava, look no further than anywhere else, choose Le Relais Kirindy. The place is such with disabled access, Inside Bar, laundry-laundry, pool, Massage parlor, wifi, and restaurant. With secure parking and terrace, your 45 euros per night will only be well spent !

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Kimony Resort

BP 393 Road Kimony Beach Morondava

from €0 /night

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The Mantalys Morondava

Route Tsimavahokely airport

from €22 /night

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Olympe you Bemaraha

B.P.393 - Morondava 619 Bekopaka

from €16 /night

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The Relay Kirindy

In front of the sacred Baobab Kirindy Reserve

from €45 /night

Eden Rock
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Eden Rock Hôtel

BP 30 Morondava centre Madagascar

from €12 /night