is certainly one of the most famous sites in the world. The E-commerce aspect is present since the objective of Booking is to make you make an online reservation and to enter your credit card number.
Customers who go through are not your customers but rather those of, as are the comments and opinions they may write to you after their stay. ! With Booking Hotel Madagascar, you are the master on board and take control of your customers. You favor your sales through our various information such as your social networks, your address, your phone, your mail, vos avis TripAdvisor, via a contact form.
Short: Booking Hotel Madagascar is a friend…

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

The booking engine

This is the most important element of your website, he is the one who will finalize the sale. It's like in the supermarket, boxes are visible, arrows, it is clearly indicated which are open, etc.. Have you ever been to a supermarket where the checkouts are hidden or hard to find ? Moi, It happened to me, I left my products on the shelves and went elsewhere. So don't hide your booking engine, put it forward, bulk, VERY big, like Booking Hotel Madagascar, look, it is almost the entire length of the page!

Use Booking Hotel Madagascar in a controlled and rigorous way by controlling your rooms, the dates and especially the prices charged.