decidedly, l & rsquo; hotel The big Blue keeps spoiling its residents ! So take advantage of the tariff reduction that is offered between mid-August and November this year 2018 to come and stay there, whether couple, in family, and even solo. But that offers exactly what resort located Nosy-Be ?

Le Grand Bleu in exotic land

The Big Blue uses all its attractions to receive you in a friendly. Enjoying a good location Andilana, ecolodge offers more than a pleasant surprise. The first is the discount hosting costs -30 % upon presentation of a coupon code during the holiday period, the best season to stay in Nosy-Be, that is to say, during the second phase from August to November. After, it will be the rainy season. So, as well enjoy.

Right here, you are exotic land. Smell the sea air while enjoying the varied island scenery available to you is good. All of this part of Madagascar knock your socks off. As soon as you make your entrance to the hotel, we offer you a multitude of activities. After a good deserved rest, after a tiring journey, you can organize a cruise from island to island, because these are not small islands to visit are missing. You can drink coconut juice satiety. The punch coconut country or coir rum, a choice, you warm the heart. Moreover, Big Blue's staff offers a welcome cocktail.

What to do during my stay between mid-August and November to Nosy-Be ?

The winter is past. Meanwhile the rainy season, heat acting up. This is the time to make scuba diving. You will be welcomed by a dive, and professionals will take you in hand. Like bass fishing ? Part of sport fishing will awaken a sense of challenge in you, because you leave group, accompanied by a team. You will have the chance to sample your catch on board your fishing boat.