Located off the east coast of Madagascar, St. Mary is one of the most beautiful island destinations. This small island is a veritable Garden of Eden with its beautiful beaches, its lush vegetation and its historical sites. The island also offers many hosting devices such as villas and apartments, Hotels and lodges and hotels Spa.

currently spa hotels are all the rage because it allows to enjoy the natural care of the island. Genuine calls for relaxation and escape, wellness spa programs are designed to provide maximum benefits to the body and mind. In a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, you will discover the different body treatments and facials based on natural products of the island of Sainte Marie.

His relaxation sessions are still provides only a few hotels on the island. The Princesse Bora Lodge and Spa is one of those providers with 20 bungalows, a fine restaurant and of course the wellness area, le Jungle Spa. Using all natural resources available, the space dedicated to health care is a check catchment area that collects rainwater. Combined with the various natural ingredients, they have a de-stressing and relaxing effect on the body. A dream holiday that combines discovery, relaxation and benefits.

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