City central highlands of Madagascar, Antsirabe is located 169 kilometers south of the capital. It is the capital of the Vakinankaratra region and today is the third largest city of the big island and its second industrial city. Spa town and spa, Antsirabe offers residents a quiet atmosphere where pollution is not yet hostess.


  • Pays: Madagascar
  • City: Antsirabe
  • Local hour: +1H
  • Change: the
  • Language: Français & Malagasy

Tourist Antsirabe:

  • Address: CGA building- Rue Marechal Foch Andranomadio -110 Antsirabe
  • Tel : 034 60 135 40
  • Email:
  • Site :

To discover

Where there is much salt

This is actually what the name means in French. Historians, the city owes its name to its volcanic soil and water rich in mineral salts. It's also nicknamed the town since water is home to many hot springs which earned him the nickname Vichy Malagasy, origin of the name of the famous drink "Visy Gasy", a sparkling natural water flowing beneath its soil and known to have many health benefits. A stay in Antsirabe will also not complete without a visit to the place where the water flows on the surface, à Andranovao.


As soon as you arrive in Antsirabe, your eyes will be attracted by vehicles of a new kind : rickshaws. The city is home to thousands since they are the leading means of transport. Certainly, some buses serve the city, but there is nothing better than discovering the city on these devices. You can choose between models drawn by specialists or pedicabs, pulled by a bicycle. The advantage with these vehicles is that their bright colors brighten up the town and they are more comfortable and airy.

The steps

Of all the cities of the Big Island, Antsirabe is known for offering a little life dear to residents. Garden produce abound and dairy products predominate. The offer so far exceeds demand when affordable prices. To take advantage of these bargains, You can choose between different markets whose principal is undoubtedly that of Antsena-Asabotsy. This place represents the largest market in the whole of Africa and the scene, include everything starting from food to clothing items.

Visit the city

outre Andranovao, the small town of Antsirabe will surely seduce you with its wide avenues, one lined with jacaranda and the other, Avenue of Independence, sycamore. The city takes special care of this avenue, showcase Antsirabe at both ends with the legendary spa hotel and train station. The gardens are manicured and almost year round, lawn remains green, well cut and surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers. During occasions and weekends, Avenue comes to life and offers the inhabitants various games especially for children, exhibitions, horseback riding and temporary shopping points. Once you have admired the avenue, you will have even more desire to discover the rest of Antsirabe rickshaw please.


Most are craftsmen antsirabéens. You can visit their premises, the most recommended are the production workshops rickshaw, workshops specialized in weaving natural fibers, the garment factories of horn objects zebu and workshops manufacturing the Malagasy traditional carts are usually pulled by oxen.

Sites to discover

Finally, in terms of sights to see, we recommend : – His seven thermal springs, the main ones of those Ranovisy and Ranomafana. In the second center, you can enjoy the virtues of the thermal waters by taking an individual bath or a dip in the natural pool – Its volcanic lakes : Andraikiba which is 7 km from the city and Tritriva, à 19 km. Both contain various legends – Ranomafana National Park has its own thermal spring. This site offers extraordinary landscapes with waterfalls, cascades, rivers all located within a tropical rainforest. Found on the premises various species of orchids, carnivorous plants, medicinal plants and giant fangeons. Its main inhabitants are the lemurs, two very rare species : l Aspergillus et Metridium. There are also reptiles are, butterflies, rodents, …



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