Ivato is a small town on the outskirts of Antananarivo. For all foreigners who come to Antananarivo by air, it is a must however still unknown. Here are some good reasons to start to know better and want to visit ...


  • Pays: Madagascar
  • City: Ivato
  • Local hour: +1H
  • Change: the
  • Language: Français & Malagasy

Antananarivo Tourist Board:

  • Address : Imm. Ifanomezantsoa, Escalier Ranavalona Antaninarenina, 101 Antananarivo
  • Tel : 020 22 270 51/ 020 24 304 84 / 034 20 270 51 (Office Antaninarenina)
  • Email: de@ortana.mg
  • Site : www.tourisme-antananarivo.com

To discover

Peace and quiet

Thanks to its distance from downtown, Ivato exudes calm and tranquility. The military base near the airport makes it safe even if, of course, it is not recommended to roam the streets at night.

Residential areas

Since the airport is home of the capital, Ivato home to many major hotels and residential areas. Many foreigners have also been seduced by the corner and took up residence with every stay in the Big Island. D'Ivato jusqu'à Press Ivato, this small town in the city displays a high-end luxury unlike the rest of the capital. The great restaurants are numerous, big business line its wide streets, grocery stores posted healthy, …

The zoo Croc'Farm

This site is located near the airport. This is a crocodile breeding farm set back from the road, but worth a visit. It includes many Nile crocodiles are the main stars of the park. The farm is not limited to expose, but also ensures their reproduction. So, he sees born more 5 000 crocodiles per year. The youngest are living apart but the greatest for their safety. It must be said that in terms of development, the park does not skimp on resources as it created a natural and friendly habitat for these reptiles. These and live in the sun along the ponds and in the middle of banana and tropical flowers. The park also has a green lake in the middle of which stands an island, breeding. Many plant species have been planted on this piece of land which gives a very nice tropical look to admire. For that reptiles do not feel too isolated, Park's owners have built other animal species such as lemurs, the snakes, the Fossas, ostriches, chameleons, frogs, ... The flora is also diverse with orchids and fruit trees. And we can not leave the park without a detour : – restaurant, with crocodile meat in various ways – its gift shop offering a variety of leather goods and handicrafts

The leisure center CAR

To conclude the visit Ivato, made a trip to the recreation center signifying the CAR Circle FRIENDCAM Reunion. Many activities are offered as well for small than for large. The site is ideal for family days and among its star attractions, is quoted kayaking on the lake. Of course, an instructor will accompany you and will introduce you to this rare discipline in Antananarivo, even Madagascar.

To visit

Croc'farm in half a day

A botanical garden dedicated to the crocodile farm. The park is also home to many birds, reptiles, turtles ,and also ostriches .



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