Top 3 Hotels Mahambo

Always around Tamatave, Come and enjoy the great wide Mahambo. This little corner of paradise nestled in 95 km of Tamatave offers a small moment of relaxation, amid a lush. This charming little village where calm reigns supreme is a real source of inspiration for travelers [...]
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Hotels in Mahambo

Beautiful blue lagoon, reef of unique beauty, bay lined with dense forests, huts with roofs ravinala dried leaves ... How to resist the charm of Mahambo ? Little corner of paradise nestled in 95 km of Tamatave, this village is an oasis. Calm reigns there for the great benefit of avid travelers [...]
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Mahambo – Cheap accommodation with Booking Madagascar

Find a great affordable hotel in Madagascar is not obvious. The choice is very varied. Of course, la concurrence est rude entre les établissements d'accueil des touristes, vacationers and travelers, mais il faut quand même bien ouvrir l'oeil. Booking Hotel Madagascar is well placed to help. Mahambo Parmi les nombreux lieux d’hébergement [...]
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