Bath Baly : between beach, forest and savanna

The Baly Bay is home to a national park in the northwest of Madagascar. It is an unspoilt area that is renowned for its incredible wealth in terms of flora and fauna. It covers nearly 57 000 ha of land that opens to the sea. It is exactly this characteristic that earned him his reputation. [...]
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Where to stay in Mahajanga ?

Mahajanga is one of the most tourist cities of Madagascar. Y vacation, only, couple or family, are always nice. In all cases, these are not the housing shortage for a few days comfortably. The choice to head a high standard of accommodation Hotels in [...]
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the Top 5 hotels in Mahajanga

Committing to the northwest of Madagascar. The Mahajanga region spans 580 km from Antananarivo. Given the infrastructure of Mahajanga, This is a port city. Son appellation definition Houston »vient du mot Antalaotra street Mjiangaia». This city of flowers is home to a diverse population. In terms of tourism, we advise you to discover the city by rickshaw. [...]
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