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Adventure Dhow in Nosy Be

Antananarivo - Nosy Be - Anjiabe - Ambatofotsy - Nosy Be Rafi - Ambariomena - Marotony
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Note that the course during a trip dhow kind are not fixed and are subject to change depending on weather conditions. The program can be modified according to time or decisions of customers agree with the captain.
Travel dhow requiring high adaptability and an adventurous spirit.


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Meet at your hotel and transfer to the airport for the flight to Nosy Be, a city northwest of the island.
Arrival in the morning, home by an assistant and transfer to hotel.
Accommodation on half board at the hotel MANGASOA LODGE.


Breakfast and day devoted to the discovery of the island of Nosy Be quad with Italian-speaking guide.
Accommodation on half board at the hotel MANGASOA LODGE.

Start the trip in BOUTRE: NOSY BE / Anjiabe

We board a dhow Sakalava or a large traditional canoe sailing (depending on your choice ! ) to explore an area where the sea represents the only access. Meet at 6:45 at our premises at the beach for a nice breakfast. We leave Nosy Be for the small Island of Ankazoberavina (1h45 quiet crossing). Bathing, scuba diving and discover a world underwater incredibly rich and varied, nice and colorful. Then after a short, landing Anjiabe, long range 3km bordered by a semi-abandoned cocoteraie, a site with the extraordinary low tides. This is where we camp. After a drink and a seafood meal, nap, swimming and for those who wish, Pedestrian walk to observe many species of birds, mostly endemic to Madagascar. Sunset, aperitif, food ... and good night !

Voyage en BOUTRE Anjiabe / Ambatofotsy

We get up around 6:00 to enjoy breakfast in the mild morning. Around 8:00 we go anchor, and here we go again. This time we go to meet a "big village" in the bush and its inhabitants. But we don 'be in some hours. Waiting, and if the wind permits, we send the sails, then we dive ( snorkeling only) somewhere along the way on one of the many website that we choose the circumstances in office( tide, vent, water clarity, level each,etc…). on the dive site is also an opportunity to meet our dietary supplements by all means. Spearfishing for those who wish, but also fishing with hand lines that often provides an opportunity to eat good "tapas". But time passes, and the sun is already high. The breeze of "backward" begins to ride the surface of the calm sea ;we must start. Sailing or motor, is based on the spirit of the group but also according to the intensity and direction of the breeze will be our companions (ally or not, but never nasty), during our trip. We reach Ambatofotsy to 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. ( strong wind ... light winds ... engine ...). Set up camp on the edge of the long beach in the heart of the village. We take this salutary shadow of a kind of traditional hut (house plant fiber without walls). The Sakalavas of this region are an extremely nice people and laughing. They know very little tourism and still very close to their simple traditions, flexible. They do not have the habit of "Vazaha" in swimwear, also "proper attire" recommended. The diurnal lemurs often pass through the village in the late afternoon and other nocturnal species often likes to steal palm wine flowing flowers of coconut trees just above our heads in the valley. Madagascar takes the size ... .We are walking into a world where roses and green poetically emphasize the peaceful immensity we're guessing now. The shower again changed style, the sun color too ; Quietly, everyone starts renter in the journey and the specific culture of this little known region. Meal, discussions and .douce night ....

Travel BOUTRE: Ambatofotsy / Nosy BERAFIA

After a rising quite morning, we go towards Nosy Berafia (45me), the largest island of the archipelago of Radama (2500 ha). the southern half is covered with more or less abandoned plantations (café, pepper, ylang ylang-, chilli pepper), themselves dominated by large trees ombriers. Huge bats and frugivorous dozens, green pigeons, intoxicating scents, the colonial house of the "commander" of the former concession and a large village. All to delve into an exotic and colonial charm of the 20. Diving on a still different and very rich site. Visit an old distillery and small bush. Discover this amazing island on foot. Reassortment some of our food basics.

Travel BOUTRE: Nosy BERAFIA / Aanbahriiomana

We leave our island for about two hours and we traversed en route dives. Arrive late morning Ambariomena, kind of quiet Malagasy fjord like a lake lined with small orange sand beaches, dominated by a steep forest crisscrossed by language sandstone pink. This arm then sinks deeper into a maze of mangroves to finish in the river at the foot of mountains covered in rainforest. We set up camp in a lovely little village and, depending on the tides, the afternoon, we climb the inlet by canoe or on foot we walk in this place where greens and pinks sing high harmony. The evening aperitif, meal under the stars and good night, lulled by the sounds of the village.

Travel End in BOUTRE: Ambariomena - response - NOSY BE

Early departure as usual for a day full of surprises. We dive along the way to cool off and eventually catch enough to make a gluttony. We take this opportunity to see what we had not seen on the way. The bay that houses the beautiful village of Marotony ("A lot of personal sacred trees" in language Sakalava ) we will hold an hour or two depending on our desires and tide ... We will eat beside a beautiful island below, History burn a little deeper into our memories of these wonderful colors underwater. Towards 14 h00 we will ship sails to travel thirty kilometers separating us from Nosy Be. tasty hours in the middle of a breathtaking landscape ... the rustle of the water against the float, the song of the bow ... between sky and sea, half bird and half boat, pushed by the golden rays of the setting sun always different we reach the port of Madirokely, à Nosy Be vers 17h00.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel MANGASOA LODGE.

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Antananarivo - Nosy Be - Anjiabe - Ambatofotsy - Nosy Be Rafi - Ambariomena - Marotony


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