Sainte Marie form an exceptional pool for aquatic fauna and flora. No need to be a skilled diver for the chance to appreciate the biodiversity of the island. Provide with your mask, your snorkel and your palms, Enjoy the richness of the flora and fauna in the turquoise water surface with snorkelling. Do not miss : the islets of Sands !

The diving world fascinates you ! Looking for excitement and a new and unique experience !Dive in Sainte Marie. Several interesting sites to discover.

SERAPIS : Located just in front of the city, we visit the ship's remains Serapis, which sank in 1781. On the site, we still find five huge cannon with balls and bottles of rum. The impressive anchor its size, mark the location of the ship sinking.

RAYS PALACE A 10 km off the channel, a wreck of a small fishing boat brings together an amazing diversity away from the coral reef : there are large pelagic species in addition to the huge stingrays, schools of trevally and barracuda and if you're lucky, theft wonderful eagle rays. A deep dive in the middle of the big blue that will amaze is the immensity lovers.

BARRACUDA island, Barracuda consists of a trio of small hills covered
Life located thirty meters deep. The large number of lion fish keep the site carefully, huge lobsters hide under the rocks to avoid cravings fisherman and octopus are changing colors of the decor. Between the hills, a pirate of modern times has filed dozens of bottles, attracting small fish and of course their predators by excellence, the barracudas.

TREASURE ISLAND : this underwater mountain that rises from thirty meters deep like a pirate treasure. It is covered largely mushroom corals that can only remind coins scattered in the bottom of an ocean. At its peak, there are a large marbled moray which elected residence in a barrel sponge. All around, green turtles are found there, guitar streaks, squid and a large variety of nudibranchs. Surgeons Fish schools complete the picture dancing around the loot.

ISLAND TO MATS : Just outside the lagoon Island to Mats, this reef less than twenty meters deep like a treasure hunt. Remarkably extended, the diver's mission to inspect all the stones in search of hidden treasures. It certainly meet several stingrays, guitars or torpedoes, lobsters and nudibranchs trying to hide. The reef is also the crossing of several green turtles nested and which follow leave without fuss. If you're lucky, it is even possible to see a couple of sharks white reef spot.

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