Foulpointe or Mahavelona is undoubtedly the ideal place for vacationers who visit the east coast of Madagascar in family. The abundance and diversity of family residences that are furnished are evidenced. They are valid for group travelers. Those who come for couple honeymoon and enjoy spacious accommodation. There are still small bungalows which are well suited to solitary hikers.

The different types of accommodation

If you consider this villa located in the green, in a quiet corner near the beach, it allows complete independence. It is sufficiently equipped to promote your sweet family moments. It is possible to organize a bonfire or barbecue party. The comfort and hygiene await you. A landscaped pool area is there.

If this is not a villa, it is a large house just as independent that can hold just under 10 people. It is equipped with a complete furniture and is kept.

If you prefer to be pampered, the hotel is available. Sumptuous day and evening light, the hotel is just lovely. How about a complex consisting of 8 comfortably equipped rooms and offers a warm welcome ? It's certain, right here, you'll do enough !

These are only examples, but the city of Mahavelona is booming. Therefore, The list is not exhaustive.

Measures to be taken when you are sleeping in Foulpointe

Foulpointe is a seaside resort on the east coast of Madagascar. This part of the island is rich in vegetation. This is a favorite of mosquitoes and various insects. When your nature outings, you are exposed to attacks. The night, Mosquitoes buzz. Thereby, you really have to be equipped with a first aid kit, and in this kit, it is important not to forget your mosquito repellent, all formulas and products needed to heal you Incident. Be sure to make your reservations, especially in high tourist season.

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