Marla welcomes its photovoltaic system on the Mafate. While electricity supplies from other circuses, it is the turn of the islet. The Sidelec inaugurated the facility on Friday. Moreover, the mayors of the Department and of the region as well as the firm attended the ceremony. As southern Mafate has no fewer than twenty units of electricity seekers, the company offers homes, the lodgings and electrical equipment shops.

The work was certainly long, the implementation of the system was fast. As for the remains of buildings, they will see the light this year 2019. From here 2020, the photovoltaic system will be on all of Mafate. Roughly to 300 housing will therefore current. Which equals 16 million euros from funds. The Department invests 10 % the budget, because the project is essential to families.

Solar energy into electricity

From now on, the Sidelec supports photovoltaic panels of the inhabitants of the circus. Indeed, it relieves portfolio Mafatais, because the price of a panel is very expensive. Furthermore, in case of malfunction thereof, the cost is very expensive. Given the offer, residents can enjoy a genuine public service. The consumption of electricity will take the form of bill. As for repairs, Sidelec vouches. Par ailleurs, President of Sidelec states that the objective of the company is to make a solar village Mafate. suddenly, the fact of installing this type of system to Marla will be an example for the other trays Mafate. In the hills the meeting, electricity is scarce.

This mode of electrification is perfect for those regions.

Sidelec also minimizes the use of generators, because most of the houses in the high mountains resort to these machines. These devices are very harmful to the environment. With the company projects, they will feel comfortable in their daily tasks. Although some residents Marla find no use of having the current home, it is still very environmentally friendly to use solar energy and make good use.