Starting point for exploring the west coast of Madagascar, Mahajanga, this cosmopolitan city full of charms, is popular with domestic tourists. here is 5 reasons to visit this city and make it a beautiful destination for your holidays with family or friends.

His beaches: successful holiday pass by 4 main beaches of Mahajanga. These places are synonymous with fun and happy moments shared with family and friends. Moreover, they have the advantage of being close to the city center and therefore easily accessible. These are the range of the Tourist Village, La Petite Plage d'Amborovy, Beach Grand Pavois and finally that Antsanitia. The calm of the sea overlooking the Mozambique Channel is popular with holidaymakers.

The giant Baobab: this natural monument stands proudly in the middle of the road, near the edge of Mahajanga in the city center. This old tree 800 years and a circumference 14 m, the reputation of the city of Mahajanga. Knowing that 6 baobab species identified in the world are endemic to Madagascar…

The red circus: this unpredictable magic of nature is 12 km Mahajanga. It is a quaternary age sedimentary formation known for its various clays in pastel colors, ocher and surprising carmine, forming a kind of canyon. The show is beautiful to see especially if you go in the late afternoon, to admire the mosaic of different color clays as a result of the setting sun. The place is open all year.

Le Lac de sacré Mangatsa: This site, 18 km northeast of downtown plunges us into the pure culture and tradition Sakalava. In this peaceful place, eels and carp of impressive size bathe in a natural aquarium. These fish are regarded as the reincarnation of ancestors Sakalava. The premises are on the lake to feed and make their vows. Note that it is forbidden to fish and swim in the lake and it is better to organize visits outside Tuesday and Thursday, days “fady”.

The edge of the city center and its famous “masikita”: a must in Mahajanga! At sunset, we find ourselves on the boulevard of the seaside or in the garden of love to taste the freshness, nibble and savor grilled "masikita" or skewers and "Pakopako", this delicious coconut based pancake. super atmosphere…

How to get there?

En avion depuis Antanarivo, Antsiranana and Nosy-Be or car from several cities.

When to go?

From April to October

Source INTM