The Ankarafantsika Park is a protected place in the Red Island park network. It lists many specimens endangered. Making it a rare find in the Madagascar ecosystem. We take you to a tour there.

The special appointment with Mother Nature

Located at 114 km to the Majunga, Area Boeny, the Ankarafantsika National Park is a sanctuary for endangered species in the Great Island. Famous for its lakes and large forests, Ankarafantsika appartient au peuple sakalava. Viewed as a whole, the atmosphere very contrasting refuge surprise you. Indeed, park passes from the aspect of the savannah in a green paradise. These two features are habitats for various species endemic. Par ailleurs, biodiversity of this protected area is the good reputation of Ankarafantsika. You will remain amazed by the rare fauna. You will also witness the Malagasy heritage. For exemple, 8 specimens of small primates live in trees. 129 species of birds nest in the hills of the park, dont 75 are typical of Madagascar. Several tours are offered to you during your visit. You will be well accompanied by an experienced guide. A trip to experiment.

Like mammals and reptiles, floristry training is very interesting to observe. Park records over 800 specimens. The instinct of Malagasy conservation on their vegetation. To mention only some one to support this argument, 82 % planted herbaceous. You can admire the 92 % woody plants in the park. You have the right to a visit to the lake. This is a very informative expedition. If you decide to stay in the middle of nature, we offer the services of the house of Ampijora. This accommodation is perfect for communing with the environment. The staff is very friendly. For those who really want to live in harmony with the elements, Ampijora the house suits you. Blue Vanga Lodge is a hotel near the park. You will enjoy the rustic ambience of Madagascar under strong warm welcome. Spend pleasant nights at the Blue Vanga Lodge.

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