top 10 Booking Hotels Madagascar Hotel offers different accommodation spread throughout the city. Between the renowned hotels and family guest houses, All travelers will find shoes there at their feet.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Tananarive, with over 10 Top hotels 10, a remarkable city to discover. Full of parts of the city, each with its own character, just waiting to be discovered. City fascinating past and present interesting, Antananarivo no shortage of sites to explore. There is so much to do that you might want to stay a few more days to experience everything.

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Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar, is the administrative and economic center of the country, it is also the largest city in Madagascar ; Miles City brings together a large number of hotels.
In all, Antananarivo its periphery over 80 hotels. The capacity of some exceed 100 bedrooms. You will have a wide choice of accommodation for your stay in this city. There is a hotel 5 stars in Antananarivo, Carlton (formerly Hilton), which is also the second highest country building. There are also three hotels 4 stars and the cheapest room costs 49 euros. The two hotels and three stars are more numerous, there are over 40 including the Top 10 and rates vary from twenty to over a hundred euros. But there are also many very charming establishments, even without star, are very welcoming and very comfortable.
At the location level, it only depends on you. In the city, establishments have installed everywhere : in the bustling center of Antananarivo, else in the business districts and some in the quieter streets of the city to ensure the tranquility you are looking for.
Outside the city, in the suburbs or near the airport, you can enjoy the scenery of Imerina, far from urban areas ; you can even find some bungalows.
Regarding the services and catering, This is very varied and it depends on the school you choose. Among the most you might find, there are pools, spa, discotheques. Among services, it is possible that offers services related to transport and transfer, you baby siting, etc.

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