More the type to prefer privacy? Do not panic, these are not private areas lacking on the island to ensure the best conditions of stay, with friends or family. Today we offer you a small selection of finest establishments from the island.

Home The Residence

Want to rent a house, but at the same time you want to enjoy a hotel service? This is exactly what offers the Home The Residence with its luxurious villas. Admire the sea directly from your sun lounger by the pool. Featuring a spa, a restaurant and also a gym, everything is set up so you can spend unforgettable holidays.

The Isidoreo Villa

Built in the middle of a private residential park, Isidoreo the villa has a very unique charm. Located close to the beach Andilana, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And to ensure a comfortable stay, the field makes you available staff. In addition to this, we suggest you do some activities such as scuba diving or even a hike.

The Jongoa Villa

Probably one of the most beautiful buildings in housing on the island. Its location between land and sea offers more than paradise. And with its swimming pool and its many activities, such as video game console Wii and television, the young and old are unlikely to be disappointed by their holiday.


With panoramic views of the bay, the postcard landscape is waiting for you. This area is the guarantee of an unforgettable stay. Par ailleurs, the service is included during your stay, you will be picked up upon arrival at Nosy Be to the day of your departure.

The Villa Palmarosa

In a rather traditional style, the Villa Palmarosa, located in the room of presqu'île Antaolankena, offers comfortable accommodation at the seaside. Furthermore, to help you throughout your stay, a stove and a keeper are at your disposal.