Whether tourists or residents, the island is full of beautiful landscapes unique in the world to explore. Whether the discovery of a unique ecosystem or many beautiful beaches, the hardest part is making a choice of destination. Booking Madagascar will allow you to compare places, and choose your hotel to ensure the best experience ever.

Discover the beauty of North Island

high temperature almost all year, turquoise water along the coast of the island, how to resist the call ? The choice is almost always difficult to choose between the regions. Diego Suarez and Mahajanga are the cities where you can find all sorts of beach activities to please the whole family. A Nosy-Be, you'll get to discover several small neighboring islands just as beautiful as each other. Want to know more about the operation of vanilla ? Make a small tour in the region of Sambava, you will not be disappointed.

Browse South atypical landscapes

vers Morondava, discover the Tsingy of Bemaraha, emblem of the region. The southern routes to Tulear are also ideal for making a road trip to the US for its many majestic sites. Ifaty, Anakao Tsimanampesotse or the National Park are places worth visiting. And why not spend in Fort Dauphin and enjoy the attractiveness of the city, but Bay Lokaro ? A range of extraordinary beauty.

Stay to the center of mada

It's not just the coasts that are beautiful to see in Madagascar. The capital Antananarivo has still several places and activities to see and do. for example, iconic historic sites of the country such as Rova or even, browse the Malagasy art markets. In a style more "cozy" and quiet, Ampefy the city is an ideal place to enjoy fish fresh and discover the Fall of Lily. Scent of a Woman, enjoy rides rickshaw in quiet neighborhoods Antsirabe, a place away from the pollution and bustle of the capital.