Madagascar conceals wonders never end. The south of the Big Island is renowned for its diverse landscapes that reserve us alone beautiful surprises. It is possible to combine fun, sport and journey of discovery with the idea of ​​a South extraordinary journey. A great hike KTM offers the thrills for daredevils who love adventure.

Visit the South of Madagascar motorcycle

The mythical RN7 leading to the South of Madagascar never ceases to amaze us. The paved road and improvised tracks where you can let off steam up the perfect playground for those who love the bike. Initially Antananarivo, you first come across the winding roads with pins, ascents and descents impressive. You will feel all the good vibes that you provide your bike on the road. Arrived at Ihosy, You'll meet the most beautiful road in Madagascar, flat and paved, you can enjoy a little run with friends for several kilometers. The game is to show what is your bike. This part is especially made for roadsters. This is also where it is possible to go on unexplored paths and see a desert plain and majestic. Arriving in Tulear, it is possible to go for a walk on the white sandy roads KTM for unforgettable adventures. For those with a motocross, it is a remarkable playground.

More than just travel

For travelers on two wheels, home in the villages and towns where we stop is different. People are curious and happy to see tourists walk their roads in another way than through traditional cars 4×4. You will then feel more close to the people. They warmly welcome you, ALTHOUGH & rsquo; they are intrigued by your whirlwind arrival. The hospitality and kindness of the Malagasy people will hit you. But also, you will have the chance to discover remote locations and beautiful, thanks to KTM motorcycles. This exclusivity will be your gift, because there are incredible sites that are not accessible to larger cars like 4×4.

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