Sainte-Marie or Nosy Boraha, Nosy-Be, Southwest of Madagascar ... All coastal areas of the island pride themselves on being able to offer an amazing show at the whale season, and they are right !

This tourism advantage comes in different aspects by region. It takes the form of a festival in Sainte Marie. The edition 2017 for example, is provided in the week 8 the 16 July. Many disciplines, both sporting and cultural, are scheduled.

À Nosy Be, the current observation mode is the marine whale Safari. Outputs around neighboring islands such as Nosy Iranja are organized. If usual, we speak of humpback whales, right here, it was recently discovered whale Omura. This cetacean black and white is probably the family of Bryde.

If during your trip to Madagascar, you end up in the Southwest between July and September, you have the chance to observe safely that Vezo, ethnic group in the region, call the magic ball humpback whales. Their acrobatics are often accompanied by singing. In order to observe the, you will accompany an insider guide will rent a traditional boat. Behind the island of Nosy Ve, near Anakao or Ifaty off, you can witness an impressive show.

A whales migrating off the coast of Madagascar when the southern winter shows its face following the route from Antarctica to the warm tropical waters.