The foie gras evokes for many the holidays, specifically festive meals, but Madagascar, This malleable commodity at will be enjoyed for all occasions. Paradise for gourmets, the Big Island is the favorite destination to enjoy this delicacy in all its forms and flavors : cru, cooked, stove, mi-cuit, molten sauce, shavings, terrine, torchon, in a glass or on toast ... It's enough to tickle your taste buds !

Production of foie gras : a flourishing sector in Madagascar

foie gras production is expanding in Madagascar. This is the main activity of nearly 70 % des habitants de Behenjy, the first producing city in the country. Ideally nestled along the National Road No. 7, about fifty kilometers south of Antananarivo, this agglomeration occupied by some 23 000 people specialized in this area for over 40 years. With a price per kilo 10 000 à 12 000 francs en 2018, foie gras are a real success, and that, non seulement à Behenjy, but throughout Madagascar. Its profitability is guaranteed. In the country, there are four major producers of foie gras. One of them sells 4 tons of product per year. Applications are at peak during holiday periods, particularly during the National Day and the end of year festivities. Tourists are no longer the main consumers of foie gras in Madagascar. The Malagasy families are also beginning to appreciate.

Foie Madagascar : the quality and flavors await you

Madagascar The foie gras is obtained by fattening ducks. Breeders gobbling animals during 21 days to produce good quality with a special flavor product that proves immediately in the mouth. We simply enjoy it because the local foie gras production secret is safe by specialists. The Chiefs, them, are also pleased to be creative in preparing dishes such as foie gras Malagasy way.