the Inn of the Ivato Farm

Specializing in regional cuisine, in the heart of the farm where products are all vegetable and poultry available to the menu, in a bucolic place out of time, the Inn is open on Saturdays and Sundays, at noon.

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Restaurant 19°C

The restaurant 19 ° C Ankorondrano opposite Galana Station offers Reception room, Open 7/7 Your satisfaction and safety is our priority.

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the Rossini

Notre établissement se situe en plein centre ville d’Antananarivo. We specializes in French cuisine and Perigord

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The dream

Located in the city center, l & rsquo; location is accessible to all four corners of the city. With its special design, it attracts much the & rsquo; same attention to simple passage.

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Oasis de Tana

Open all year and even in the evening in summer, away from everyday stress and noise of city traffic, Tana discover Oasis of downtown.

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